are sex toys illegal in egypt

I recently had a discussion with a few of my friends about the taboo topic of sex toys in Egypt. To start off the conversation I asked: ‘are sex toys illegal in Egypt?’ I must admit that I was really curious about the answer as my friends and I debated this question. Some of them said “yes” because it’s a Muslim country, while others said “no” because it’s a modern time.

Growing up in Egypt, I had only heard rumours about sex toys being banned, but I had never heard anyone actually say so. It wasn’t until recently, when a friend of mine was arrested for purchasing a sex toy online that I was certain it was indeed illegal in Egypt. I was absolutely stunned by this news because here I was thinking it was just a rumour when it was actually true.

The issue is that it’s extremely difficult to get reliable information about the laws in Egypt, due to the lack of a unified legal system and the long-standing taboo around public discussion on sexual matters. In the end, my friend was released without charges and was ordered to get rid of the sex toy, vibrators which he did.

My friends and I discussed the implications of this law and how it oppressed individuals who wanted to explore their sexuality and take enjoyment from it. We all agreed it was an outdated and restrictive view of sex, as it was denying citizens the right to personal expressing themselves. We all felt a sense of sadness at the fact that this piece of legislation was in place, and we all felt a need to do something about it.

I started researching public records to determine if this law was in fact, real or simply something made up in the minds of the public. I learned that there wasn’t any specific law banning sex toys in Egypt, however the Egyptian Penal Code criminalised acts and activities related to immorality and obscenity. In other words, it was illegal to purchase or produce sex toys in Egypt. To make matters worse, the possession of a sex toy was also deemed an offense.

My research led me to the conclusion that owning or producing sex toys was illegal in Egypt, which in turn posed a very serious threat to the right to sexual liberty in the country. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of injustice and indignation – my basic right to explore my own sexuality was being threatened.

Furthermore, I’m not the only one affected by this law, as there are thousands more who can’t enjoy a fulfilling and pleasurable sexual experience. It’s even worse when we think about how this affects already marginalised groups such as LGBTQ+ individuals and those living with disabilities. They are some of the most affected by these oppressive laws and it truly breaks my heart knowing they are being denied the right to enjoy themselves sexually.

The issues of sexual liberty and freedom of expression are two very important topics here in Egypt. The fact that it’s illegal to produce or purchase sex toys here in Egypt is a violation of these basic human rights. It desperately needs to be addressed and dildos updated to reflect the changing times and views of the public.

It’s clear that the current laws regarding sex toys in Egypt are outdated, oppressive and oppressive, leading to a lack of pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experiences. As a society, we need to start shifting the conversation surrounding sex and sexual expression and start talking openly about alternative solutions to this issue.

The important thing is to begin working towards a change in attitude towards sex and start building a culture that supports and encourages the freedom and expression of sexuality. We need to be open and accepting to changing views and ideals and start breaking down taboos surrounding sex and sex toys. We need to start taking steps towards a more open and accepting society where everyone can feel free to explore their sexuality without fear of judgement or persecution. It’s absolutely essential that we keep talking and advocating for change and continue to work towards a better future for all.

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