I recently got an anime sex doll big tits. It’s been on my bucket list for a while, so imagine how elated I was when I finally had it in my hands. I was totally smitten! She had such a perfect silhouette and her body parts were so smooth and well proportioned. It gave me major tingles and it felt like a dream come true!

Now, truth be told, I wasn’t sure if I was even ready to take on an anime sex doll as a part of my life. Sure, many people might think I’m deviant or something, but I was more afraid of not being able to give this lovely doll what she needs. That’s why I spent […]

do food pumped with hormones affect penis size

As a young adult, I never really paid attention to food pumped with hormones and its connection with penis size.​ Growing up, I just assumed that size didn’t matter and I was gonna be just fine, no matter what.​ Little did I know I was wrong.​ Recently I heard that hormones in food could actually […]

It all started one day when I saw an advertisement for an extreme penis pump jock.​ I had never heard of such a thing before, and I was naturally curious.​ This piece of apparatus had my attention so I decided to find out more.​

When I started doing some research on the extreme penis pump jock, I was amazed at just how popular it was! It seemed like everyone was using it and that it was becoming the must have item for guys who liked extreme enlargement for their penis.​ I was convinced that it was something I needed […]

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first heard about vdowell sex dolls. I mean, I’d heard of sex dolls in the past, but never ones specifically designed for private companionship, rather than for simply sex use. When I was first told about them, it was like I was listening to a story out of a science-fiction novel. Never did I think that something like this would exist.

It was the idea of having a life-like product that could provide companionship and even mimic certain human functions that really intrigued me. From the research I had done, the vdowell sex dolls were made from a unique blend of silicones that made it possible for them to be extremely life-like and responsive to touch […]