body builder married a sex doll

I recently heard an unbelievable news that a bodybuilder has married a sex doll! I just couldn’t believe my ears at first and I thought, “What kind of weirdness is this?”. I was so intrigued by the idea,so I had to further investigate.

Apparently, it all started when the bodybuilder came across this particular life-sized doll. Apparently, he was so smitten by the doll to the point that he had developed actual feelings for it, and before long, he had married it! How this happened is still a bit of a mystery, but I did hear that the bodybuilder held a wedding ceremony amid his friends and family before officially declaring it his wife and all.

I could not really fathom how someone could develop real romantic feelings for an inanimate object as a sex doll. There are a couple of theories though. One is that the bodybuilder has so heavily invested in sculpting and maintaining his body that he is still searching for the same admiration and appreciation he received from the gym. In the case of a sex doll, it would be even more tempting to find such admiration and acceptance due to the fact that they cannot criticize and are unable to judge.

Another theory is that since the dolls are so lifelike, plus the fact that they are so interactive and dildos provide companionship, they can even become desirable and offer a level of emotional satisfaction which can be in par with a real relationship. In this case, the bodybuilder has felt that kind of connection with his own sex doll and seems to be very happy with it.

The part that I find really shocking is that the bodybuilder may have actually wedging a legal marriage for his sex doll. Reports suggest that he has even taken it to the courthouse and gone through the necessary paperwork to make it all official. This is really bizarre since it does not even make sense legally. But apparently, this marriage is being recognized and sex toys taken seriously in the society which makes it even more bizarre and strange.

I cannot really understand or wrap my head around this kind of marriage between man and a sex doll. But I love to know what the bride has to say and how they maintain their relationship. I mean, this is like something straight out of science fiction! Do they even have have quarrels? How do they interact? I’m sure there are a lot of questions that arise from this. All I know is that the whole thing is definitely strange and unconventional.

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