can you use flavoed lube for dildos

I recently heard the phrase “flavored lube for dildos” and I was floored! I was just having a conversation with my friend about trying something new in the bedroom and she casually mentioned this. What an interesting concept! Of course, I had to do some research.

Pitifully, apparently the idea of flavored lube for dildos is a popular one! From tingling strawberry to apple cinnamon, the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but you can get flavored lubricants for couples too. They are advertised as adding a bit of extra “zing” to your night. My curiosity was piqued – I wondered if these lubricants really worked as advertised.

I did some digging and discovered that the verdict is still out on whether flavored lubes are good or bad for dildos. On one hand, there are reports that some flavors and ingredients might actually damage the surface of some dildos. On the other hand, flavored lubricants can definitely add a bit more fun to your bedroom playtime.

One of the arguments in favor of flavored lubes is that, when used as intended, they can make sex more fun and enjoyable, as the flavor adds an additional sensation to the experience. This could be especially nice for those who would like to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Additionally, flavored lube can increase comfort and pleasure for both partners.

Another bonus is that you can even get lubes specially designed for oral sex or anal sex. Some people find that the added sensation of flavored lubricant can help make oral play much more enjoyable. And, because flavored lubes are often thicker than water-based ones, they can provide extra lubrication which is great for anal sex.

So, while I’m sure that flavored lubes can be fun and make for an interesting experience in the bedroom, you should always be aware of the potential risks. It’s important to remember to always check the ingredients of your lube to make sure they won’t damage your dildo – and to always carry out a patch test before applying the lube. As long as you are aware and cautious, flavored lubes can add a bit of extra excitement to your playtime.

However, there are other ways to have fun in the bedroom without using flavored lube. For example, you could get some sensory arousers like massage oils, scented candles, or a light touch feather wand. These all have the potential to add a bit of titillation into your bedroom routine.

Personally, I have been considering getting one of these flavored lubes, but I’ve also heard about the potential risks. I think that if you take the time to properly research the product before use, it could add a nice extra element to your bedroom time. Of course, finding the right lube for you is something you should take your time with.

And speaking of taking your time, I find it’s always important to set the mood when it comes to sexytime. Maybe try out some tantric breathing or yoga positions to relax and really get in the zone before adding the flavoured lube in. That way, you get the most out of your lube play.

Talking of relaxation, you could also try a bit of roleplay. This can be anything from dressing up in costumes to taking on certain characters. Personally, I think adding in elements of fantasy is a great way to add some excitement into your bedroom routine.

Finally, I would always recommend communicating and talking about your desires with your partner. This could be anything from talking about how you’d like to be touched to suggesting an erotic game. By communicating and vibrators being honest with each other, both partners can experience the greatest pleasure.

Overall, while flavored lubes can be fun and make for an interesting experience in the bedroom, it’s important to practice caution. Be sure to do your research and patch test any lubricant before use. Additionally, there are plenty of other things you can do to spice up your bedroom activities, such as role-play, sensory arousers, or communicating openly with your partner.

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