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how masturbation can boost male sex drive

Given the fact that “men can’t do without, well, ‘you know what’ for too long”, it is important to briefly discuss the advantages of masturbation and its role in boosting male sex drive.​ For me, masturbation is part of my daily life and a means of keeping my libido high.​ Masturbation relieves stress and helps […]

build your own sex dolls artificial intelligence

Whoa, have you heard about these sex dolls with Artificial Intelligence? That’s right, now you can build your own sex dolls with Artificial Intelligence. It’s freaky, and also quite amazing at the same time. I’ve been wanting to get one of these sex dolls for some time now. But unfortunately, it’s not something you can […]

https product chihiro-akino-165cm-japanese-sex-doll amp

Ah man, it’s been too long since I heard about Chihiro Akino, the 165cm Japanese sex doll from I’ve been looking for an affordable companion for a while now and this is the perfect solution for me! It’s amazing just how lifelike this doll is. From the long black hair to the beautiful blue […]

most realistic male masturbators real platinum

I’ve spent some time researching realistic male masturbators made from real platinum and I think I might have found the best one out there! It’s called the Real Platinum Masturbator and it’s been designed to make solo-sex sessions feel as close to the real thing as possible.​ Personal experience is always the best way to […]