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Penis Rings

It all started one day when I saw an advertisement for an extreme penis pump jock.​ I had never heard of such a thing before, and I was naturally curious.​ This piece of apparatus had my attention so I decided to find out more.​

When I started doing some research on the extreme penis pump jock, I was amazed at just how popular it was! It seemed like everyone was using it and that it was becoming the must have item for guys who liked extreme enlargement for their penis.​ I was convinced that it was something I needed […]

https www.​pornhub.​com gay video search search solo male masturbation compilation

Well, I recently came across a rather unique and entertaining website called ‘PornHub’.​ As I explored the depths of it I found out that, dildos there’s a section called ‘gay video search’ – a compilation of solo male masturbation videos! I was out of my comfort zone and I was curious to see what it […]

best masturbation tricks to do in the shower male

Yes, masturbation is a healthy activity for men.​ It can be done in various ways, even in the shower.​ Experimenting with masturbation in the shower can be quite fun.​ I know this because I have tried it myself and it was quite an exhilarating experience.​ Here are some of the best masturbation tricks to do […]

Going out to buy a blow up goat sex doll has always been an experience that I have found both strange and fascinating. My eyes lit up when I saw the display amid all the toys at the store. But it wasn’t easy to make the decision to actually take one home. And that’s when I had to take a deep breath before I made the plunge.

As soon as I had it in my hands my heart started racing and I felt a twinge of excitement I didn’t expect to feel. I had never been the kind to buy something so risqué, yet it felt like I was misbehaving without realizing it. I had never acted on a whim like this […]

It was a funny story that I had heard no one believed at first—a company was making a new type of anal drug pump that looked like a penis.​ I should have known better than to believe it—but it actually turned out to be true.​

At first, I was like ‘Oh wow, what kind of a world have I stumbled into?’ but then I couldn’t help but find myself laughing at the thought of the company trying to make something like this.​ I mean, why go so far as to make it look like a penis of all things? Still, […]

japanese men leaving women for sex dolls

It’s weird to think how fast technology has advanced, and the fact someone has actually decided to break up with their female partner for a high-end sex doll just proves exactly how far human kind has developed. It’s amazing, but simultaneously a little terrifying. I recently read a news story about a married Japanese man […]