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do food pumped with hormones affect penis size

As a young adult, I never really paid attention to food pumped with hormones and its connection with penis size.​ Growing up, I just assumed that size didn’t matter and I was gonna be just fine, no matter what.​ Little did I know I was wrong.​ Recently I heard that hormones in food could actually […]

I’m sure you’ve heard about the phenomenon of pumped penis cum, but you probably don’t really know much about it.​ Well, I’m here to tell you the amazing truth.​

First off, what is pumped penis cum? It’s a certain type of male orgasm that occurs when the penis is forced to ejaculate in an intense and rigorous manner.​ It can produce a much larger and more powerful orgasm than what is usually experienced, sex toys releasing a much greater amount of semen.​ Now on […]

I have to admit, when I first heard of the “xnxx penis pump anal” contraption, I was more than a little freaked out.​ After all, the idea that you could use a penis pump to penetrate and stretch your anus sounded a little too wild and outside the bounds of reason.​ But, as I read more and more about it, I became a bit curious and even excited about the possibility of a new experience.​

Can you believe it? I got out the penis pump from the package, attached the nozzle and placed it on my anus.​ I felt a sudden chill of pleasure and terror radiating down my spine.​ I adjusted the settings and closed my eyes to suppress my running negative thoughts.​ Then, I began to pump and […]