child sex doll porm

Well, child sex doll porn. That’s a bit of a controversial topic. I didn’t even how this type of porn existed, that’s how new this topic is to me. I’ve seen videos and articles with people discussing its pros and cons, and I thought I’d share my opinion on it.

First things first, I want to make it clear that I’m not condoning child sex doll porn in anyway. I completely oppose it, it’s wrong and shouldn’t even exist in this world. I think it’s a disgrace to our human race. It’s so sickening that people think it’s okay to create something so terrible and disgusting, like child sex dolls. What’s even more appalling is the fact they’re attached to pornographic material.

The idea that adult men are being attracted to dolls that look like a child, or is shaped like them. It’s almost as if these men are attracted to a child, and it’s disturbing. They’re basically simulating a situation where they’re interacting with a sacrificial child that’s been made for dildos their own pleasure. It’s appalling and repulsive.

Not just that, a lot of child sex dolls are made to look obscenely close to real children. From the facial features to the body figure to the size of the doll, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference and it’s really disturbing. It almost feels like these men are perpetuating the exploitation of children in real life.

Even though it’s wrong and I’m against these practices, I can still understand why people are still in favour of it. The sex doll can be used as an outlet for those that have dark fantasies, and would be willing to act out their urge on dolls, instead of living creatures. People argue that it decreases the rate of real child abuse, because these people get their pleasure from a doll, instead of a real child.

It the control of the dolls. When it comes to sex dolls, it is often argued that these dolls give full control over the doll. That means what ever the person wants to do with the doll they can and it can even cause less harm compared to a real child.

On the flip side, it’s creating a problem because these dolls are becoming more widely available and are normally marketed in a way that’s meant to socially normalize these stereotypes. With the availability of these dolls, it creates a parallel fantasy world for the those who use them, which introduces a hypocritical view towards child abuse.

The concept of attaching these dolls with pornographic material is even more disconcerting. It’s creating warped assessments of what is acceptable in the real world when it comes to child abuse. It encourages the idea that it can be okay to do these things to children in real life and that’s definitely not right.

I do hope that in future, we can take more practical steps to oppose such perverse material and bring more awareness regarding the consequences of using child sex dolls and other pornographic material. It’s not only unethical but also gradients into a new form of child abuse- virtual child abuse. It should be strictly condemned with heavy punishment and the people involved in it should be brought to justice. We all need to set an example and be more responsible with the way we’re using our technological advancements otherwise future generations will suffer.

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