do sex dolls for dogs existing

I recently asked myself if sex dolls for dogs exist and if anyone actually uses them. When I heard about the topic, I got curious and started to look into it. A lot of the times I never thought about this type of weird stuff, but I went ahead and found out some interesting facts.

To start off, I was really surprised that these bizarre items were actually a thing. After reading up further, I found out that it’s actually a legitimate product made with canine-friendly material. People usually opt for these kinds of sex dolls to keep their pets from mating other animals in the vicinity.

The most common material used in the making of these dolls was silicone dipped latex, which was made to simulate a realistic texture. I’m sure it makes the dolls look more natural and assists in providing a healthy sexual outlet for both the pet and the doll.

I also learned that there are sex dolls made exclusively for larger breeds of dogs. This is because these breeds tend to be more active and hence require a more durable doll that won’t tear easily. I can definitely see these kinds of dolls being used for many large breeds out there.

One of the best, albeit strange, parts I found out about sex dolls was that they were actually being used by veterinarians and even boarding schools where pets from various households were sent. This made sense since it eliminated any possible mating of pets that could have created a disadvantageous situation.

I’m sure some pet owners are familiar with already using human sex dolls for their pet so I assume there wouldn’t be much of a difference when it comes to using the doggie version. It makes sense to get these for their pet if the pet is known to find other animals of the opposite sex attractive and often tries to mate with them.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept, and I still wonder why anyone would go out of their way to buy something like this for their pet. I think understanding our furry friends from their perspective could help us better comprehend this.

On the other hand, I think some owners might opt for the doggie sex doll because they want the pet to stay focused on them without any distraction. They might be looking for the pet to have an exclusive relationship with them rather than trying to provide competition with another animal.

I’m also imaging that there could be some sexual relief these dolls could provide for the pet. Masturbation might be something that the animal tries to do without a toy and in the wild, it might not be a problem. But in the case of a pet, it might be a behavior that needs to be contained due to possible inconvenience it brings at home.

Surprisingly, I’m guessing that there are probably some pet owners out there who think these dolls are amusing and sex dolls end up buying it just for that purpose. I’m sure many people find some humor in the concept of sex dolls for dogs and it definitely brings a good laugh.

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