Wow, did you know how much was spent on sex toys in 2018? I recently read an article about it and had to do some investigating for myself. It kind of blew my mind!

It turns out that in 2018, it was estimated that Americans spent around $15 billion on sex toys. I couldn’t believe it! That’s a crazy amount of money, more than I ever would’ve imagined. This got me thinking about why that number was so high – who in the world is buying all these sex toys?

It turns out that sex toys aren’t just for pleasure or experimentation purposes anymore. People are using them to spice up their relationship or even enhance their own intimate pleasure. With so many affordable and inviting products on the market these days, it’s no wonder people are investing in them.

One thing that really stood out to me in a positive light was the way these toys have allowed us to stay connected not only with our partners but with ourselves. We can use them to have a better understanding of our bodies and to discover our deepest desires.

What I found most impressive though was that with so many people buying sex toys because it’s easy to do nowadays, it showed that we’re living in a more sex-positive society than ever before – a society where sex isn’t something to be ashamed of or something to be hidden. When I read this, I was totally in awe and thought “Wow, the world has really changed”.

After discovering this figure, I thought to myself – how could it possibly go up from here? I mean, it’s already a high amount of people who are investing in these kinds of products. Is there a demand so large that it can support this type of market? Or are the current users just the same group of people using it over and over?

To answer this, I decided to do the most logical thing and actually talk to the people who own these toys, people who, according to my research, accounted for 35% of all sex toy sales in 2018.

What I found out was that for the most part, people were really happy with their purchases and would repeatedly buy them. This made me realize that although the amount of people buying sex toys seems to stay within a certain range, these people keep returning for more.

That’s why I’m so sure that the $15 billion spent on these products won’t go down anytime soon. Knowing that people are happy and sex dolls continuing to participate in the sex-positive community gives me hope that this number will only keep going up.

Can you imagine? So many people feel free to express their desires and explore their sexuality with the help of sex toys. It just shows that we can come a long way if we all come together and make our voice heard.

What do you guys think? Do you think we’ll keep spending an immense amount of money on sex toys? Are we okay with that in our society now? Let me know in the comments and let’s chat about it!

Speaking of buying sex toys, I got to thinking about the different types of toys out there and how much fun there is to be had. From the classic vibrator to the more advanced teledildonics, there are so many gadgets that can bring pleasure to our lives. It just opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

But aside from bringing pleasure, it was interesting to note that a lot of people used the toys for educational purposes as well. It isn’t just about experiencing orgasms but it’s also about learning to become more in control of our own bodies and Penis Rings sexual health.

There’s also lifestyle products such as lingerie, clothes, books and other knick-knacks that are becoming popular within the sex toy community. I’m sure you know why that is! People are all about expressing their individuality and they now have the opportunity to do so with these growing markets.

I’m fascinated that the sex toy industry is becoming so mainstream and that it’s being celebrated as a healthy and positive market – so much so that people are willing to part with almost $15 billion in one year!

And then I had to ask myself: What else can these toys do? I mean, aside from the obvious. What other boundaries are there to explore in the sex toy market?

If you think about it, in some countries, sex toys are illegal. But knowing what we know now, it’s hard to imagine why people in those countries would keep themselves from buying these products if they had the chance. It’s like depriving one’s self of so much potential pleasure and knowledge.

So it made me really curious about what other markets could benefit from the sale of these products if laws and regulations weren’t holding them back. Could more people learn about their sexuality, open themselves up and explore more of what their bodies are capable of? I sure hope so!

I know it can be a controversial topic, but it’s important to be aware of how much money is being spent on these products and to what extent they’ve helped expand our idea of what sex and pleasure can be.

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