how to discretely ship a sex toy

Tiny Bullet Vibrator | The Smallest Vibrator Ever Seen | Vibrators.comWhen I want to ship a sex toy discreetly, I like to get creative. First off, I don’t use the sex toy’s real name. I “code-name” my package so that even if someone sees the order, Penis Rings they would never guess what is really inside. For example, I once ordered an amazing vibrator for a friend. I named the package “Massage Wand”, and bought a plain silver box so that it looked like a nice present. It was innocent enough that no one would be able to guess what was inside.

I also make sure that sex toy packaging is not super obvious. Once I bought an awesome vibrator that was shipped in bright pink, leopard print wrapping! I was so embarrassed, I had to double-wrap it in a box and tissue so that no one in my office can look at it too closely. It’s important that the boxes are free of logos, pictures, and descriptions of the product that can give away the contents.

I also like to ask for special requests. Since I’m shipping the product, it can easily get lost or intercepted. So, I always ask the company for discreet shipping. They usually accommodate and ship the package in a plain white envelope, unmarked and opened with discretion.

And, when all else fails, I can always hide the package inside another package. Fool proof, right? This works best if I’m sending a sex toy to a friend of mine. I write a letter to my friend and put the sex toy inside. Then, I seal the envelope and post it off.

Finally, I always make sure the payment won’t have my name written all over it. I can always use an anonymous payment method like bitcoin, or I can use a prepaid gift card. I’ve also heard of people using cash and having the store mail the product directly.

But, before I do anything, I always make sure to check the store’s reputation. Some sex toy vendors are scams or only sell low-quality products. My best bet is to look for a store that offers discreet delivery as part of the service. That way, I’m sure my package will arrive on time, discretely.

When it comes to shipping a sex toy, I like to be extra careful. I make sure I keep names and descriptions out of the package, buy blank boxes, and use special delivery services. I usually order with payment methods that work anonymously, so that no one can trace the product back to me.

And I always ask my friends to continue the cloak of discretion. After all, most people don’t need to know what I’m shipping. If my friend is receiving a sex toy, I ask them to treat it with the same discretion…if not more!

Going that extra mile to ensure my package is discreet is definitely worth it. Seeing the surprise and joy on my friend’s face when they see what I’ve sent them is always priceless!

Plus, by being extra careful on my end, I also make sure there are no embarrassing confrontations. In some places, sex toys can still be quite taboo and a source of shame. By shipping discreetly, I make sure that my package won’t get my loved ones in any trouble.

My last bit of advice is to always use reliable sources. I want to make sure my friends and I are getting the highest quality toys. So, I look for retailers with a solid reputation and decent reviews. That way, I’m sure the toys live up to their hype!

Sometimes, I also scour the internet for discounts and coupon codes. I’ve seen shops offer free shipping, buy one get one free deals and deep discounts on selected products. It’s a great way to save a few extra bucks without sacrificing the quality of the product.

And with that, the package is ready to ship. I always feel more confident when I know that the package is being shipped with discretion and care. Plus, having a reliable retailer is the icing on the cake. After all, no one wants a surprise that comes in the form of a faulty vibrator!

Plus, shipping sex toys can be a great way to surprise a friend with a thoughtful present! With some creative thinking and a keen eye for detail, you can make sure your toy arrives safely and discreetly.

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