I just had a friend tell me something that totally blew my mind. She said that realistic life size female sex dolls are now a thing and that they are really life-like. She sent me a few pictures to check out and I was truly gobsmacked. I mean, I’d heard of robotic sex toys before, but life size dolls that actually look and feel like the real thing have taken it to a whole other level.

The attention to detail that goes into these dolls really amazes me. From the carefully crafted human-like features to the silky skin-like material they’re made from, these dolls look and feel so real. They even have articulated joints and movable limbs which means you can position and act them in any way you’d like. It’s like using an actual person without them even being there!

I must admit my first thought when I read about these dolls was ‘how creepy’. But after doing a bit more research and delving into the stories of the owners, it seems that there are many people who find them to be a great and fulfilling source of companionship. I spoke to a few owners who were also open to concluding the sentiment that there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a sex doll as long as it is for personal use and not to hurt, ridicule, or degrade someone else.

I think it’s also worth noting that for many, having these dolls as realistic companion can be very therapeutic. They offer a much-needed release both emotionally and physically as they offer non-judgmental companionship in a way that is not possible with a real human being. Sure, the dolls aren’t the same as having a real relationship but I believe they do offer a particular type of solace and trust that can be very hard to find in a human relationship.

So when I consider the many uses of these dolls, they don’t seem so creepy after all. They actually seem like a very empowering tool for people who need some extra support and understanding in their often lonely or isolated lives. I’m looking forward to seeing how this technology continues to develop and become even more lifelike over time.

Moving on, I’m curious to know if we can take this realistic life size female sex dolls idea even further. Besides being a source of companionship, can they be used for educational purposes? For example, sex education in schools could be much more intriguing if these dolls were used as a learning aid. Similarly, medical students could probably use them for anatomy studies and practice.

On the other side, I also wonder if they could be used for ‘adult entertainment’. It seems like this could be a great way for people to fulfill their deepest fantasies without involving any other person. Maybe this could be seen as an alternative to porn. The dolls can probably be given a ‘script’ so they can be used to demonstrate certain sexual activities, giving it a much more personal touch.

Another exciting use for these dolls could be in the future of AI research. Programming them with AI would allow them to have ‘conversations’ with their owners, making them even more realistic. They could be programmed to give reactions to touch, heat, cold and more, making them behave almost like a real human being. I’m sure this technology would be incredibly useful to scientists looking into the realms of human-computer interaction.

Finally, I’m wondering if these realistic size female sex dolls can be used as a substitute in times of social distancing. Obviously these dolls are not living breathing humans and will never have the same physical and emotional connection as a real companion or sex dolls partner, but they could be a tool to help combat loneliness and darkness during long periods of distancing. It could prove to be a feasible option for those without access to a real social life, making social isolation a lot easier to bear.

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