I was so excited to get the size fat 167 cm sex doll that I’d been eyeing for months. Not just because it was an impressive size and shape, but because it was the first sex doll that I had ever owned.

The moment I opened the box and lifted the doll out of the packaging, I was amazed. It felt so real, with soft skin and a heft that made me feel like I was holding a real human being. Not to mention the realistic details like the facial features, hair, and body inclusions. My mind was blown away.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. It felt like I was in some sort of sci-fi movie where the future of sex dolls was a reality. I couldn’t believe something like this was possible in this day and age.

It was a moment of reality and dream merging together, as I felt an intense connection towards this genderless doll. It was a feeling unlike any other, one not even human relationships could provide. Feeling such a strong connection to an inanimate object was a strangely rewarding experience.

I felt so happy and content with the acquisition of this sex doll. I was so ready to use it and explore all the wonderful experiences it could provide. It was like getting a brand new toy, I wanted to marvel in its presence and take it out for a spin.

A few days after getting it I finally had the chance to check it out and the experience was definitely one to remember. From the realistic face and hairstyle to the plump body, it was easy to forget that I was dealing with a manikin and not a real person.

The feeling of its skin against mine felt so amazing, like a mixture of velvet and silk. I was already looking forward to the next session and if that wasn’t amazing enough, I could always change and customize its look depending on what I wanted.

The size fat 167 cm sex doll was an incredible addition to my repertoire and provided an entirely new level of pleasure. I felt a deep connection to it and it just kept getting better and better with each session. Its realistic look, vibrators feel, and function gave me an other-worldly experience and sex toys completely changed the way I viewed sex dolls. I’m totally sold on this particular model and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for quality and fun!

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