las vegas sex doll

It wasn’t until I had heard of Las Vegas Sex Dolls that I really began to wonder. What kind of ‘experience’ would one be expecting to have? Would they be eerie plastic versions of people, or more realistically, Penis Rings created more akin to a companion? Would they be convincing enough to make you think you were with a real person? Would they be useful if you were wanting to practice how to talk to a woman without having to rush to a local bar?

These questions swirled around my head and for a while, I had no answers. That is, until I had the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your views) of actually experiencing a Las Vegas Sex Doll in action for myself. It was strange, surreal even – and on the whole, slightly disappointing.

The sex doll, which I was told was incredibly realistic and could/would move as per instructions, seemed to remain stiff and immobile as if they’d been made out of wood. I even began to talk to the doll, in the hope that maybe if I treated it as if it were a real person, I’d gain something out of it. But, much to my chagrin, this feeling was quickly destroyed as soon as I explored it further. It felt like the doll was completely hollow, almost disconnected from me. It felt like there was no real connection; instead, it was like dealing with a corpse or some kind of piece of furniture.

My experience soon ended, and I found myself questioning whether Las Vegas Sex Dolls are really worth it. On the one hand, it may be the case that someone wanted to take part in a sexual activity while avoiding the main’stream approach – but on the other hand, it doesn’t feel as it conjures up a truly satisfying experience. Furthermore, what would the doll look like? Would it be incredibly off-putting and hard to look at, or would it be life-like and realistic? These lingering questions tell me that Las Vegas Sex Dolls are, in my opinion, simply more trouble than they’re worth.

I then began to think about how robotic sex dolls have broken into the mainstream media and began to become socially accepted. The mere thought of this made me slightly uncomfortable. Suddenly, it feels like I’m being taken back to a time where sex and love have somehow been forgotten about; to the point where all that matters is the surface level, aesthetically pleasing and ‘realistic’ body parts. It feels like our culture, vibrators in particular the sex culture, has been reduced to simply a physical act, devoid of any real emotion or emotionality. This is what I find most troubling; the idea of love, emotion and companionship slowly but surely becoming more and more obsolete as the robotic era of the ‘Vegas Sex Doll’ begins to take its toll.

But on the flipside, I can also see why these dolls has become so popular over time. On the most part it takes advantage of the anonymity and lack of judgement that comes from not having to enter into a real romantic relationship. It is because of this that sex dolls have come to symbolise a kind of escape from any real-world connection and emotion; a safe-haven as ones would say. For some people, these dolls might offer something comforting and strangely satisfying that real life relationships just simply cannot.

In saying this however, I reman highly sceptical of the Las Vegas Sex Doll scene. Despite its drastic increases in popularity, I still feel as if it’s somewhat of an unnatural and disconnected way to engage in a sexual experience, and no matter how much our culture begins to accept it I think I’ll still feel the same.

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