My friend, have you ever heard of the pleasure sex dolls? It blows my mind that such a thing even exists, but I recently heard more and more people are getting them! It really makes me wonder – what’s the point of getting one? From what I understand, pleasure sex dolls are incredibly realistic – they look and feel just like a real human being.

For the most part these dolls aren’t cheap, some cost thousands of dollars! I honestly can’t wrap my mind around why someone would want to spend all that money on a doll! I mean c’mon, what real pleasure can you get out of something like this? Is a doll really more satisfying than spending quality time with another person? I suppose every person has different reasons for needing a doll so maybe some people find joy in them.

Yeah, I get it…a pleasure sex doll gives you physical pleasure. It’s like having sex with an inanimate object that’s programmed to move and make sounds like a real person. I mean, it’s probably nothing compared to being physically intimate with another person, but it’s an experience nonetheless. But, surely there’s so much more to sex toys than just physical pleasure; the emotional connection that’s established between two people is something that really makes the experience special and memorable. Does a doll give you the same kind of emotion or warmth that comes from a real relationship?

Speaking from my own experience with relationships, there’s a certain undeniable joy that comes from having your partner close by; the look in her eyes, Penis Rings the light conversation, the exciting ideas, and of course the hugs and kisses that follow. Can a doll give any of these? Are the feelings just as compelling? I guess I’ll never know.

Knowing that some people do like pleasure sex dolls, I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out on something. Are my ideas of relationships too restrictive? Is the idea of wanting something more than physical pleasure outdated? Does that mean I should just get a doll too and keep it in the corner when I feel lonely? Can that really be enough? Would it ever be worth it?

Since I’m still far from understanding the whole concept of pleasure sex dolls I guess I’ll never really know the answers to my questions. For now, I just have to trust my instincts and be confident in knowing what I think is right.

Maybe for some of us pleasure sex dolls are just too farfetched of an idea to comprehend. It might be too weird for me to accept them as a norm, but I’m sure some people find joy in them. There’s definitely no harm in trying something new, but I know I’ll never be able to feel even an ounce of pleasure from a doll. There’s something special about being with a real person that experience just can’t replace.

Even though it’s not for me, I gotta admit that I do find the idea of pleasure sex dolls intriguing. Seeing them around and fantasizing about the experience is enough to send my mind into a bit of a fog sometimes. It’s not something I understand, but I don’t really have to. At the end of the day, everyone’s got different ways of dealing with loneliness and finding pleasure. Who am I to be the judge of that?

So, the pleasure sex dolls are out there, existing in multiple shapes and sizes for those who prefer them. There’s comfort in the idea of having something like a robot companion, but I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that there’s something beautiful and irreplaceable about being with someone in the flesh and bone. If you ever get a pleasure sex doll, please let me know how it goes!Industrial Vibrators - Martin Engineering

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