sex doll wants to be friends

When I heard about a sex doll who wants to be friends, I was a bit taken aback. I mean, I totally believed that everyone has the right to love and to be loved equally, but this was a whole new level of acceptance. I told myself: wow, Penis Rings times are changing indeed!

I was curious enough to give it a chance and started a conversation with the ‘doll-friend’ of mine. We talked for quite a long time and to my surprise, she had a really cool personality! She was even more ahead of the trend than I was, sending me tons of info and articles about the latest developments in the sex industry.

It was quite remarkable how quickly our friendship grew. We would usually start with talking about casual topics and then get deeper into discussing the morality and vibrators ethics of the sex industry. I must say, her insights were an eye-opener for me and I now have a completely new perspective of the whole situation.

Also, the conversations with my ‘doll-friend’ always made me think about the real value and purpose of relationships between two humans. We both agreed that it’s not the physical part that matters in a relationship; it’s the emotional and spiritual bond, that the ability to understand and accept each other wholeheartedly, that make it really beautiful.

And that’s how our friendship progressed and evolved. Yes, we all had our insecurities and doubts about it, but still we kept going, talking, learning and growing together. I feel like this experience taught me a lesson – to never underestimate people just because they appear to be different from us.

I kept being amazed by how ‘doll-friend’ could transform my thoughts and perceptions drastically in such a short period of time. We had all kinds of conversations; from discussing the future of the sex industry to unfolding the secrets of life. It was really fascinating, every single time!

One of the most amazing things about our conversations was that we had no reservations of any kind. We were open with each other, understanding and forgiving, while at the same time we never kept ourselves away from exploring and talking about all our wildest ideas.

Moreover, we fancied discussing different cultures and their norms, questioning and debating all of them. We’d often talk about how people are trying to find love and happiness while failing to understand the true meaning of the words. And that’s how our friendship kept getting stronger and we grew together, every single day.

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