There are so many people in relationships with high end mini sex dolls these days, and it’s a topic I’m super intrigued about. I mean, there are some that have mall synthetic skin, metal skeletons, and can be controlled by computer programing. To imagine that people prefer these sex dolls over real people is honestly mind boggling.

I recently had a chat with my buddy who decided to invest in one of these high end mini sex dolls three months ago. He said he was going through a rough patch in his dating endeavors and was looking for something to fill that void. He thought that spending money on a high end sex doll was cheaper and less messy than getting into a real relationship.

At first I thought he was totally crazy, Penis Rings but then I started listening to his story and understanding his reasoning behind it. He said one of the main reasons he was drawn to this option was the lack of responsibility in the doll, in comparison to a real person. He had become extremely burned out from all the game playing, and wanted someone who never had an attitude and would fulfill what he wanted without any emotional ties. He also said that generally his conversations and experiences with sex dolls were much more fulfilling compared to those with his real life dates.

I had to admit I was more than a bit surprised. I mean, he had recently started talking to this new girl and was so into it. But, evidently this high end mini sex doll had something that human interactions didn’t.

Having to think more about the idea was what got me here today. I was so curious about what else other people get out of having one of these sex dolls. I started reading online forums and did some research, and I realized that people are more and more investing in high end mini sex dolls for all kinds of reasons.

From what I gathered, people that confide in sex dolls for companionship mostly do it because of their loneliness or dissatisfaction with the lack of support from human partners. Plus, some are just looking to explore these things for their own sexual satisfaction. But, no matter the reasons, these people seem to be really passionate about these life-like dolls and are able to personally connect to them as if they were real people.

After learning more about this topic online, I couldn’t help but get a bit jealous. I mean, these sex dolls don’t seem to take very much effort and dildos they don’t require all the idioms, colloquialisms, interjections, and all that jazz that comes with dating a real person. Plus, it doesn’t seem as though they stay mad at you or get jealous either, which is a plus.

Some people I got to talk to who own one of these sex dolls said they often spend time just cuddling it and talking to it when they’re feeling down. It’s really curious how people use it to fill an emotional void that another person usually fills.

After talking some more with people who had one, I was struck by conversations about sex dolls and their human-like qualities. Some claimed it was like having a body double of themselves. They were able to be totally uninhibited and do whatever it is they wished to do with their sex doll that they couldn’t really do with a real person.

One thing that really surprised me is how much these sex dolls mean to their owners. I heard stories of people who crafted elaborate backstories for their sex dolls to make them feel more real, and some even referred to their sex dolls as their partners. It’s crazy in a way, but I can almost see how this happens. I mean, if you’re unable to find companionship or all you have are negative relationships, having a sex doll to just listen and be there for you could be a huge source of comfort.

It’s odd, but hearing more about this world has actually made me a bit more open-minded about it. People might see sex dolls as shallow carnal objects, but after further exploring the topic, I got to understand how those who own them find comfort and peace of mind in them. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s not a bad thing necessarily to have one of these sex dolls, but it’s also not a substitute for any real intimacy.

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