what happens if you use vaseline on silicone sex toys

Amazon.com: Finger Vibrator (Waterproof) Pink Offered By Hidden Treasures: Health \u0026 Personal CareWhen I first heard of using Vaseline on silicone sex toys, I was immediately taken aback. I mean, really? Vaseline? On silicone? It seemed so wrong, a little like putting a match to a gas tank. So why would anyone even consider it? Well, it turns out, they wouldn’t.

The truth is, Vaseline and silicone sex toys don’t mix.The Vaseline can actually lead to some pretty serious issues down the line, including corrosion and/or discoloring, as well as a waxy buildup on the toy. Not sexy, right?

But Vaseline does have another use in a silicone sex toy’s life cycle: it can help you take off the old lube. That’s right, it can make cleaning and maintain your toy a lot easier. All you have to do it put a thin layer of the stuff over the surface, wait a bit, and then wipe it off. This way, you can prevent any sort of build up, residue or grime from entering your toy and making it less hygienic.

And that’s it. That’s all the glamour and usefulness Vaseline is authorized to have on silicone sex toys. It’s really not a complicated matter; Vaseline and vibrators silicone sex toys just don’t get along.

And, it’s a good thing to remember that particular advice is relevant when talking about all silicone based materials, like condoms, vibrators lubricants, and pussy-pops. Not just silicone sex toys.

Now when you use silicone sex toys, there are still things you can do to make sure it doesn’t suffer any harm. Make sure to never use products that contain oils, petrol derivatives, butter or other such items.And steer clear from wipes that contain alcohol, because even if it doesn’t damage the toy right away, alcohol will break down the plastic eventually, leading you to having to replace it sooner than expected.

It’s also important to avoid lubricants that contain glycerin and parabens, since they’re the ones that tend to leave a sticky residue on the toy’s surface. And these residues build up and can force you to clean the toy time and time again. So, it’s best to stick with good old water-based lube for your sensual endeavors.

Okay, back to what we were talking about before. If you’ve been considering using Vaseline on silicone sex toys for any reason, I know I am legally obligated to say that you should not do it.

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