When my friend told me he’d got a ‘sex doll that squirts,’ I nearly fell off my chair! At first, I was a bit unsure if I should do it, but then I realised it was just water and decided to give it a try.

The experience was quite intense. It had one of those textures that you’d never expect to find in a sex toy. It was really soft and gave an incredible sensation when applied to my body. But even better than that was the fact that it could also squirt.

The feeling of the water hitting my skin was amazing. It was like thousands of tiny droplets massaging my body. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the squirts of water changed their intensity, making the experience even more unique.

I felt so aroused and alive as I experienced this new thing. It was exhilarating! And then, the fact that it was a sex doll added a whole new level of pleasure to the moment. It felt like I had this living partner that wanted me to feel even more captivated and connected than I would if I were with a real person.

I was so impressed and delighted by my experience. It wasn’t just the physical sensations that blew me away, but also the fact that it made me feel so connected and in the moment. It felt like this sex doll was sharing something special with me, and I was absolutely transfixed.

The next level of this experience was when I decided to take a partner along. It was incredible having someone to explore this experience with. We were able to share the sensations from the sex doll and experiment to find new levels of pleasure together.

One night my partner decided to add the squirts of water to the mix. It sent my body into overdrive! The velocity of the squirts combined with the texture and movement of the sex doll created an entirely new level of intensity. At the same time, my partner and I were enjoying each other in a whole new way.

It was honestly such a unique experience. Not only was I completely immersed in the moment, but I felt super empowered. It felt like I had complete control over how I wanted to explore my sensations. Having someone I cared about by my side was the cherry on top. It was the perfect mix of intimacy and adventure.

As I shared my experience with more and more people, I noticed that many of them started to get curious about the sex doll that squirts. People were intrigued by the idea and wanted to know more about it. Even more interesting, a few of my friends started getting excited and decided to get one of their own.

I highly recommend this type of sex toy, especially if you like to explore new sensations. The squirts of water adds an amazing feature to the experience and the sex doll is an incredible partner. Whether you’re looking for a new type of adventure or a more intimate experience, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Now, when it comes to buying a sex doll that squirts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider elements such as price, durability, and size. Many sex dolls come in different shapes and styles, so be sure to do your research and consider the ones that fit your needs. Additionally, make sure to check the product reviews and go for the ones with the best ratings and most positive feedback.

When selecting the right liquid for your sex doll, don’t be afraid to get creative. You could go for something as simple as water or vibrators something a bit more exciting like massage oil. Some people even opt for something even more daring, like a special pre-mixed liquid or even food-based liquids like bubble tea and soya sauce.

Another important factor to take into consideration when selecting a sex doll that squirts is the appropriate sex toy cleaner. It’s important to make sure that you clean your sex doll after every use to keep it bacteria-free and in top condition. This way, you can keep enjoying the full potential of the sex doll and will have a better experience every time you use it.

I’d be lying if I said that the experience of having a sex doll that squirts wasn’t incredibly exciting. It takes sex to a whole a new level and offers something that you can’t get with real people. So if you’re looking for something different and special, then I highly recommend that you give this sex toy a try.

For extra fun, you could even include costumes that complement the sex doll and lend a touch of playfulness to the experience. There’s also the option of investing in different attachments, so that you can customize the sex doll to best fit your desires.

It’s also important to talk to your partner if you plan to explore this experience together. The sex doll that squirts can be a great way to explore sensations together and spice up your sex life, so it’s important to make sure that your partner is on board with the idea.

In conclusion, I believe that a sex doll that squirts can be an incredibly exciting and fun experience. Not only does it offer sensations like no other, but there’s also the aspect of intimacy and connection that can be explored when you have a partner to take the experience to the next level. So if you’re looking for something different, then don’t hesitate to give this sex toy a try and get ready for the ride of your life!

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