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The question of which is lighter between sex dolls made of silicon or TPE is one that people are asking more often these days. As you know, sex dolls are becoming more popular as people become more comfortable with their own sexuality and want to explore new things without the pressure of having a partner. The main difference between the two, is that silicon sex dolls are much more lightweight than TPE sex dolls.

As someone who’s dabbled in purchasing sex dolls, I can safely say that silicon sex dolls are the winner in this battle. One of the main benefits to having a silicon doll is their weight. I personally find it much easier to move and store a silicon doll because they are much lighter than their TPE counterparts. Not only that, but their weight also makes them much easier to manoeuvre when you want to get creative.

That being said, the weight difference isn’t the only factor when deciding between silicon or TPE sex dolls. Another big determining factor for a lot of people is the type of texture that each one offers. To put it briefly, silicon is a much harder, more realistic texture, whereas TPE is a bit squishier, and reality may not be as good as it gets on these types of dolls.

Of course, there’s even more to consider than that. Price can be another factor, with silicon dolls usually coming in at the higher end of the spectrum due to the material costs involved. However, when it comes to pleasure, both TPE and silicon sex dolls do provide a decent sensation, so it really comes down to what you’re looking for.

When it comes down to deciding between silicon or TPE sex dolls, it really comes down to their individual benefits and drawbacks. For me personally, I’m always going to go with the lighter option which would be silicon. For those who are looking for the weight and texture of TPE, then it could be a great option for sex dolls you. Ultimately, it just depends on what each person is looking for in a sex doll.

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