why do you want to become sex toy tester

I’ve been feeling incredibly adventurous lately and I’ve found myself asking why not? I’m ready to take risks in life and experience something totally new. Why do I want to become a sex toy tester? Well, I have the sexual curiosity to know what’s out there and the desire to make sure everyone is getting the best bang – or vibration – for their buck!

I absolutely love trying new things both solo and with my partner. It’s always so thrilling to see what devices, creams, lubes and other goodies excite us. I’m often surprised at what I find. The variable connections that can be experienced through the idiosyncratic sensations of different toys can be profound.

Plus, it’s a job with great flexibility and independence. As a sex toy tester, you get to set your own hours and squeeze in assessments when it fits your schedule. Since I travel often, I’d be able to take my product testing kit with me and squeeze in a bit of work where I can.

I’m also passionate about sexual education and pleasure. As a sex toy tester I’d be able to provide authoritative insights into the quality and use of different products out in the market. The best part is I’d have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m helping empower people’s connection and pleasure.

I’d love to help other potential buyers to make informed decisions. A profound critique of the various flavors and experiences available to them can truly open up the possibilities to enjoy sexual exploration. More so, as a sex toy tester, I’d be able to provide feedback to manufacturers to help them to develop better products.

Another great thing about becoming a sex toy tester is the connections I can make with other people who are in the intimacy and pleasure lover community. I could broaden my network and gain insight on different products, techniques and styles. Moreover, I could tap into some great resources when it comes to product safety, services, and more.

Most of all, becoming a sex toy tester would open so many doors for me in terms of personal growth and exploration. I’d be able to delve into my comfort zone and understand myself more and refine my preferences and skills in a comfortable environment. I’d also get the opportunity to take products out of the box and into the bedroom so to speak, to explore its limits and its pleasure and create lasting memories with someone special.

So yes, I think the moment has come to take the plunge. To test, explore, experience, enjoy, and learn. Becoming a sex toy tester could be the entryway to the bedroom of my wildest dreams.

So now the question is, where do I start? I could reach out to sex toy companies and see if they have any open positions or do all of their testing in-house? I could also research agencies that offer sex toy testing jobs and see what’s out there.

I’m confident that by researching the vast array of products out there, and by creating honest, comprehensive reviews it’ll be easier to connect with the manufacturer and find out which toy is the right fit for my needs.

I’m also sure I won’t be limited to one type of product. There are a huge range of products out there from vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, kegel exercisers, anal beads, cock rings, lubricants, and more!

The truth is I’m not completely sure what to expect when it comes to being a sex toy tester, but I’m really excited to find out and learn as much as I can. It’s definitely going to be an adventure!

The fact that so much is unknown is also what makes the appeal so great! Since products vary so much with size, shape, level of vibration, material and texture, I’m sure it’s going to be a wild ride.

Coming a sex toy tester would definitely be a great way to try out new products and share with others my experience and knowledge. It would be an absolute honor to join the ranks of the (now mostly virtual) exploration and pleasure arts community.

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