will these lovers choose the same sex toy

It was the toughest decision of their lives. Would they choose the same sex toy? My good friends had been looking to buy their first toy for months. They asked me for advice, but I had no idea what to tell them. With so many options out there, I knew that they’d have to make the decision for themselves.

Amazon.com: Finger Vibrator (Waterproof) Pink Offered By Hidden Treasures: Health \u0026 Personal CareThey had both been too nervous to even walk into a store, so they asked their regular mail-order catalog to help out. They browsed through the catalog, amazed at all the different choices, Penis Rings but completely overwhelmed by the process. After much debate and research, they realized that they could save money by purchasing the same toy.

The couple discussed which type of toy they wanted for their bedroom, but couldn’t narrow it down to one. They debated for hours, each of them pulling up reviews and research. They wanted to find something that both of them felt comfortable with, but there were so many options.

At the end of the night they had both chosen two toys. One was a vibrator that both of them agreed would provide the most pleasure. The other was a discreet cock ring that wasn’t too intimidating. Both of them were curious to see how it would feel.

The next morning, they went back to the store with their choices. My friends were happy and a little scared at the same time. I could hear the nervous excitement in their voices as they discussed their decision. Would it really feel as good as they hoped, or would it be too intense?

After purchasing the toys, they went home to find out. They were so excited and put the two toys side by side on the bed. Taking a deep breath, they both tried out the toys. To their relief and delight, they both enjoyed the sensations and felt more confident than ever in their decision.

One of my friends told me the experience was transformational. She felt relieved that they could both explore their bodies in a safe and sex dolls intimate manner. It was a completely new thing they had discovered together. And the results were amazing!

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